At 18:22 last night Humber Coastguard paged our ALB to locate and assist a 10m yacht suffering engine failure. 10 miles south of Flamborough head.

Once in the water roughly 40 minutes later our ALB arrived on scene, with a South easterly force 6 and 2 meter swell it was decided by Steve Emmerson the coxswain to place two crew aboard the casualty vessel. The crew made the ALB ready to transfer the crew with the rough conditions this wasn’t an easy task. The two crew was Jordan Harrison and Sarah Berry. Once the coxswain manoeuvred the lifeboat alongside the crew had to pick the right time to go.

When the crew was on the yacht they assessed the lone sailor and decided he was well enough to stay aboard the yacht. Then the decision was made to tow the yacht 2hrs back to Bridlington harbour. Once inside Bridlington harbour the lifeboat brought the yacht alongside and took it to a visitors pontoon and left it in the care of Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team

The ALB was refuelled and made ready for service again for 12:00am

Steve Emmerson- coxswain
Andy Rogers – mechanic
Andy Webber – navigator
Jordan Harrison – helm
Jason Webber – radar
Sarah Berry – casualty care

Head launcher – Dave Coverdale
Lauched and recovery driver – Bob Taylor