Bridlington inshore lifeboat was paged at 12.34 pm today (Tuesday22nd September)after Humber Coastguard became aware of a small cabin cruiser in difficulties off the Coastguard station. Helm Andy Webber and his crew made their way to the craft which had suffered an engine failure and was being blown towards Sewerby cliffs. On arrival at the position a tow rope was passed and the boat and its two occupants were taken in tow. The inshore boat and its tow proceeded to make their way to the south beach launching site but were soon informed by the Coastguard that the Flamborough lifeboat were launching to a jet ski that had also broken down in the area. Once the inshore lifeboat crew became aware that the Flamborough lifeboat was proceeding they were able to pass the jet ski position to the neighbouring lifeboat. Soon after both the jet ski and cabin cruiser were being towed to the south side launching site. At the launching site both the lifeboat crews decided it would be best if the Bridlington boat took both the casualties to the beach. Leaving the cabin cruiser with the Flamborough lifeboat the Bridlington lifeboat crew towed the jet ski and its two riders to safety and then returning to sea to do the same for the cabin cruiser.