Saturday 22nd August, Two catamaran sailors found themselves in trouble today after they capsized around two miles off the Bridlington coast.
After the 18 foot catamaran capsized one of the men managed to stay with the upturned boat but the other was some distance away.
Luckily the man who had been in the sea for 15 to 20 minutes was spotted by the skipper of a local angling boat the ‘ Heidi J ‘who quickly picked the sailor.
The ‘Heidi J’ skipper immediately made contact with the UK Coastguard and informed them that help was needed.
Bridlington inshore lifeboat was paged at 2.53 pm and on arrival at the ‘Heidi J’ one of the lifeboat crew, Sarah Berry, went on board to assess the sailor and give any casualty care needed.
Although he was cold from his time in the water the man was otherwise feeling well.
The catamaran was righted with help from the yacht club safety boat crew and headed back to the Blyth Park launching site.
Inshore boat Helm Jof Pearson said ‘ thanks to the skipper of the ‘Heidi J’ who helped the sailor and made the correct call we had little to do’.