A lone sailor on passage from Harwich on the Essex coast to Sunderland started to feel so ill he requested assistance from the Humber Coastguard.
After confirming the sailors position the Coastguard requested the launch of the Bridlington lifeboat and a crew page was sent at 1.16 am this morning (Monday 3rd August)
The yacht position was given as nine miles from Bridlington. The Shannon class lifeboat was quickly on the scene were it was soon established that the sailor could no longer manage on his own. Due to Covid- 19 the lifeboat crew try, if possible, not to board other craft but on this occasion help was needed to rig a tow so a crew member went on board.
On arrival at the harbour the decision was made to try the yachts engine and motor to a berth and another of the crew boarded the yacht to help.
Coxswain Chris Brompton said ‘ the man was not well at all, he was very fatigued and disorientated, an ambulance crew were waiting to check him’.