Bridlington lifeboat volunteers closed the boathouse doors at 4.00 am yesterday morning (31st July) after helping other emergency services give aid to two men who had fallen off a cliff.
Just after 10.00 am the crew ware paged again to go and assist one of three cabin cruisers that had broken down whilst sailing up the coast. The position given for the the cabin cruiser which had three on board was north of Withernsea area.
On arrival at the given position the cruiser was nowhere to be seen. Following a search contact was made with the boat and the lifeboat crew were able take the boat in tow.
After a discussion with the boats skipper the decision was made to tow the cruiser towards the Humber and pass the tow to the Humber lifeboat and for them to take the boat into Grimsby.
Meanwhile the stations inshore lifeboat was paged after a report of a missing child. Luckily the child was found and the launch was cancelled.
Due to the crowded beach and safety reasons, on arrival back at Bridlington, the Shannon Lifeboat was moored in the harbour and returned to station a couple of hours later at 6.00 pm.