After receiving a call this afternoon (5th June) from two kayak sailors in difficulties the UK Coastguard alerted Bridlington lifeboat launch authority Fred Ingham.
The launch authority was informed that the two men were around a mile offshore South of Bridlington in the Auburn farm area were they had both been caught in a severe rain and sleet downpour along with a strong wind.
The inshore lifeboat launched on service at 1.50 pm with Helm Joff Pearson along with Ash Traves and James Mather. As the lifeboat crew started to make their way to the area they encountered poor visibility due to the squall but this soon stated to subside.
On reaching the scene the lifeboat crew were made aware that the two men and their kayaks had made it safely ashore with Bridlington Coastguard team in attendance. After making sure everyone was safe and well the inshore crew made their way back to the station.