Bridlington lifeboat launched on service at 2.12 am yesterday morning after the UK Coastguard had received a call from a fishing boat 29 miles off the Bridlington coast.

The 12 meter vessel with a crew of four had lost the ability to steer and required help.

Bridlington’s lifeboat ‘ Antony Patrick Jones’ and its volunteer crew made their way quickly to the stricken craft. On arrival at the fishing boat, which had come from Scarborough, a tow rope was passed and rigged.

After a check was made on the boats position a decision was then made that the shorter distance would be to tow the boat to Bridlington.

Due to the state of the low tide a tow into the harbour was not an option due to the size of the fishing boat. The sea was calm and the forecast good so it was decided that the fishing boat would anchor.

The lifeboat came ashore and made ready to launch later in the day.

The crews launched again just before 5.00pm and towed the boat and its crew safely into the harbour where it was found that the fishing vessel rudder was missing.