Bridlington All Weather Lifeboat ‘Antony Patrick Jones’ launched on service at 8.45 am August 31st, after the UK Coastguard had received a call from a local fishing vessel with an engine problem.

The fishing boat, with fourteen on board, was in the bay to the North of the harbour around two miles from the lifeboat station.

On his first call as Coxswain of the lifeboat Andy Rodgers and his crew were at the boats location five minutes from launching.

After assessing the situation the lifeboat crew passed a tow rope to the fishing boat and headed back to the harbour. The wind was now blowing south south Westerly force 4-6.

Once inside the safety of the harbour one of the lifeboat crew, Jordan Harrison, boarded the fishing vessel to help tie along side the lifeboat.

After making sure all on board the fishing boat were safely ashore with the Bridlington Coastguard team the lifeboat headed home.