Bridlington inshore lifeboat launched at 2.50 pm today after reports of someone in the sea near the harbour.

Very quickly at the scene Helmsman Jason Stephenson along with his crew Pete Jones and Joff Pearson found a small inflatable boat with its outboard engine running at full speed going round in circles.

Although the inflatable was a possible danger the crews concern was for the reported casualty and their fears were eased after receiving a radio call stating a man had been picked up by a near by yacht.

The inshore crew went alongside the yacht and put crewman Pete Jones on board to check on the man’s condition and to administer any casualty care.

The two remaining crew set off to deal with the out of control inflatable at first circling the runaway and trying to judge their approach to get alongside it. The first run into the boat failed but the crew turned to run in again and this time the inshore lifeboat was put skillfully alongside and Jason was able to pull the engine choke and stop the boat.

Once the man was ashore he was transferred to the RNLI boathouse were Coastguards and Paramedics monitored his condition.

After his ordeal Steve Bell from Weatherby said “he would like to thank everybody and he was very greatfull.