The four sailors on board a 10 meter yacht sailing from the Netherlands to Hartlepool encountered problems after their engine failed 12 miles from Bridlington.

The crew had resorted to using their engine due to very little wind and once that failed the yacht was hardly moving and a call was made to the UK Coastguard.

After receiving the call the Coastguard tasked the nearest lifeboat Bridlington’s Shannon class ‘Antony Patrick Jones’ at 9.46pm. Coxswain Steve Emmerson with his crew briefed launched on service. The weather conditions at the launching site were very good with slight seas and good visibility.

The lifeboat reached the yacht in good time and soon had it under tow and heading to the harbour. On reaching Bridlington bay both boats had to wait until the tide started to rise before they were able to enter the harbour.

Once the yacht crew were safely moored up the four sailors passed on their thanks to the lifeboat crew before they headed back to beach.

The lifeboat touched the beach just after 4.00 am.